Different Types of Skip Bins Available in the Market!

Skip bins are essential when it comes to getting rid of waste material. Well, there are some essential points to keep in mind before hiring any skip bin service. Most importantly, the size of the skip bin is the great factor to consider because the pricing of hiring the skip bins depends mainly on the size of the skip bin. So, here are some of the commonly used skip bins to neutralize the needs of the customers suggested by Perfect Bin Hire Melbourne. Many of the people want to have bigger skip bins to remove a lot of wastes and some want small. It depends on your requirements that what exactly do you want.

Following are some of the common but important types of skip bins with different sizes and shapes.


Most of the people prefer Marrel for commercial wastes and domestic rubbish. Marrel has bins size from 2 cubic meters to 17 cubic meters.b
Generally, the Marrel are of higher sides and have shorter lengths than a hook lift skip so mostly they don’t require a room to be placed than a car space. To deliver a Marrel there must be no low overhanging wires or branches on the truck and in most cases, the truck will require a clearance of more than 3 meters.

There is a wheelbarrow access door with the Marrels of 4 cubic meters and above for easy loading. It is to be checked first if it is your requirement as some doors are welded shut because they can be damaged. The hydraulic arms are used to lift a Marrel and it’s then placed on the truck’s back.

Hook Lift Skip Bin:

Hook Lifts are defined as the method in which the waste bin is loaded on and off the truck. There is a large hydraulic hook on the back of the truck. The hydraulic hook is used to grab the skip bin and roll it on and off the back of the truck.

Hook lifts have sizes from 4 cubic meters to 3o cubic meters. They have a rectangular shape and have rear opening doors which are large in size for those works that require the bobcat’s use to drive into the skip bin. Hook lifts are dominantly hired for industrial and commercial waste disposal as well as for large domestic waste disposal. They can also be used where there are quite large amounts of rubbish or waste that are to be removed.

Mobile Skip Bin:

Mobile Skips are the best for those hard to place locations such as inside the garages, under carports or for units. The Mobile Skip Bin is perfect for the underground parking. It’s also effective for the building with an underground basement. As the name suggests, it’s mobile! It can go anywhere you want it to go. To adopt it, you must have to get a permit from the local council in order to get the job done and unfortunately, that’s a time-consuming effort.

Skip Bags:

The Skip Bags are the cheapest choice in terms of price. These skip bags comes in different sizes i.e. 1m3, 2m3, and 3m3. In fact, they are convenient, easy to handle, lightweight, and most importantly, these skip bags can be used in small areas as well.